A Formula for Stress

 Do you approach everything with a "one plan fits all" mentality, and become disheartened when different situations produce different results? If you rely on a singular plan for both your personal and professional life, you may unknowingly be calculating a guaranteed formula for stress, since stress often arises when life produces unexpected outcomes. While it is difficult to imagine a fast-paced, competitive environment completely devoid of stress, it is important to recognize that stress occurs when the demands of a situation exceed one's perception of available resources. 

Although increased stress may be desirable in some circumstances, in most cases, it can lead to tension, anxiety, and impaired judgment, which in turn can decrease focus and self-confidence. To be confident, one must have a positive mindset, be relaxed, and trust their abilities. This can be achieved through various techniques to reduce or eliminate stressful thoughts and behaviors. Simplifying your thoughts and slowing down your mental processes can help you stay centered and focused. 

Negative self-talk can sabotage your life by increasing your stress levels, but using positive self-talk can increase your chances of achieving your goals. Affirming that you believe in yourself and your abilities can help you visualize the outcomes you desire and give yourself permission to succeed. Remember to focus on what you can control and let go of outcomes to stay present at the moment and alleviate stress.

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