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Do these 3 things on LinkedIn and you’ll be ‘head and shoulders above’ most on the site, experts say

LinkedIn is a crucial tool for recruiting on the internet, according to career and leadership coach, Phoebe Gavin. To make the most of your LinkedIn profile, it is essential to fill it out properly and optimize it for recruiters in your industry. While the basics involve reflecting your expertise and using relevant keywords in your about section, there are additional tactics that can make you stand out among other LinkedIn users, as highlighted by Gavin. Here are three effective strategies to maximize your profile:

1. Utilize the Banner: Your banner photo is the largest visual asset on your profile and serves as the first impression for visitors. Take advantage of this prime real estate by creating a captivating design or using relevant graphics and text to describe yourself professionally. It's an opportunity to immediately convey your professional identity and showcase your accomplishments. For example, career coach Angelina Darrisaw's banner features her company's recognition from Major League Baseball.

2. Showcase Featured Links: Below the banner section, you can highlight featured links on your profile. In this section, you can provide digital proof of your work or write about your unique approach to your profession. It's particularly beneficial for those in journalism, marketing, or public speaking. However, even if you don't have direct links, you can still share your insights in the form of blog posts or articles. Remember, the maximum number of featured links visible on your profile without further clicks is three.

3. Engage in Industry Conversations: LinkedIn provides an opportunity to engage in conversations related to your industry and demonstrate your passion for your work. Participating in discussions, commenting on thought leaders' posts, and sharing relevant articles or photos can showcase your intellectual curiosity and willingness to contribute. Being an active participant not only amplifies the work or insights of others but also portrays you as a thoughtful professional.

By implementing these strategies, you can enhance your LinkedIn profile and increase your visibility to recruiters.