These occupations will see the most jobs created, and lost, in the next 5 years As you might have assumed already, technology will be a big driver behind which jobs will and will not exist in the near future.


The annual Future of Jobs Report for 2023 has been released by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and it provides valuable insights for both employers and individuals who are yet to decide on their career paths. The report predicts that over the next five years, 69 million jobs will be created, but 89 million jobs will be lost, resulting in a net loss of 14 million jobs (2% of the available jobs today). 

The report also highlights that certain industries will experience growth, while others will suffer job losses, largely due to advancements in technology. For individuals who are considering their future career paths, the report identifies the jobs that are expected to experience growth and decline. 

The jobs that are expected to see the most growth include AI and Machine Learning Specialists, Sustainability Specialists, and Business Intelligence Analysts, among others. On the other hand, jobs that are expected to decline include Bank Tellers and Related Clerks, Cashiers and Ticket Clerks, and Data Entry Clerks, among others. The report also highlights the top "core" skills that businesses value, which include analytical and creative thinking, resilience, flexibility and agility, motivation and self-awareness, and curiosity and lifelong learning.

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