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Email etiquette - what’s new?

Three weeks ago, I started my new job and I love it. Maybe it’s just me being 40, but it’s the first job I’ve had where other than the higher-ups, most of the people I work with are younger than me. Not a big deal, but I sometimes notice it in the communication, since this is a fully remote position. My question is - how has email etiquette and messaging changed in the workplace? Are there any obvious dos or don’ts that need to know about? I don’t want to seem older than I am because I’m using outdated rules or customs. To put this in perspective, I only found out about using one space after a period instead of the two I was taught in school a couple of years ago, which made me feel ancient. So yeah, if you have any tips or advice to share, I’d so appreciate it. Thank you!


Oh my. Using email as a work ticketing application. While I know that is what business likes, “tell them what to do then if there is time put additional documentation but it’s not necessary.” when it comes to emails. But that has also produced a workforce of ‘I don’t know. Hold please let me check.’

I’m still shocked people don’t do a greeting, body, and salutation for an email. I do always. And when my coworkers ask me how I learned to type so fast I tell them the greeting, body, and salutation in emails are always practice time.

To lose the 8Track industry, well technology happens. But to lose one’s own humanity and one’s connection to another due to a decision to eliminate that connection for what was thought was more productivity. It all sounds like Scrooge is at every company.

“Staff shall No longer follow letter format for emails. Just put the things you want the next person to do at the top and press send. Keep it all moving along and those who fall behind them make them work Christmas. And then fire them with everyone watching.”

No wonder people are not going back to work. Humanity has been eliminated for efficiency.