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Some tech workers spend only 4 hours a day on productive work: Blind poll

According to a recent poll on the anonymous job messaging site Blind, some high-paid tech workers are claiming to only spend a few hours each day doing "real work." The poll, which asked thousands of tech workers how much time they spend on "focused work" each day, showed that nearly 45% of the over 8,400 respondents are productive for about four hours or fewer per day, with Many workers blaming an overload of meetings for their reduced productivity, while others say they are more productive working from home and do not have to put in as much time because of this increase in productivity. A 2016 study of roughly 2,000 full-time office workers found that workers are only productive for about three hours a day and spend a significant amount of their time on non-work tasks like checking social media and news sites or discussing non-work related issues with coworkers. Experts suggest that workers are more productive when they work from home, but interruptions and short attention spans can hinder their productivity.