5 Side Jobs To Make Money From Home In 2024

Have you found yourself asking a family member for money to tie you over until your next paycheck, within the past year?

If you have, you don't need to feel embarrassed.

You're one of nearly 45% of Americans who've had to ask their relatives for financial support due to the rising cost of living in the past year.

This explains a simultaneous rise in popularity of side jobs and side hustles as a means to make extra money.

Being tight on cash—especially when it comes down to necessities such as paying utility bills, debt repayments, or the mortgage—is no joke, and can induce anxiety for many. In fact, over 50% of Gen Zers report that one of their biggest concerns is money—and the lack of it—during this period of inflation, according to a 2023 EY study.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can bump up your earnings, creating multiple sources of income for you and your family.

Below are five side jobs you should consider to make money from home, that require minimal cash and time to get off the ground. You can literally lay the groundwork for these side hustles or side jobs today.

1. Join A Consulting Platform

Expert networks are eager for new consultants to join their platforms. As a consultant, you can apply for projects that suit your expertise, and if accepted by the client, you'll perform consulting work for them which could be through surveys or one-hour video calls. Once your rates are set you can get paid for your time. One such expert network is GLG Insights.

2. Start Online Coaching

Coaching is another fantastic side hustle opportunity that can generate high income within a short space of time. Depending on your specialism, niche, and the type of clients you are serving, you could make anywhere from $100 per coaching session to $2,000 for a session. But remember, you'll need to pick your niche and business model carefully to ensure you can gain the most financial results.

3. Create An AI Coach

You have expertise that you can pull from what you know within your industry. Monetize this by putting it all together into a database which you can then feed into an AI application, and create a chatbot or AI coach that serves your clients even while you're sleeping. This can be a great way to provide affordable coaching services without infringing on your time, and at the same time, it's passive income. For more tailored and bespoke coaching, your clients can approach you directly.

4. Start Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

If you're a furry friend's lover, or a passionate "pawrent" as some dog owners call term themselves, why not turn your enthusiasm into a side hustle and provide pet sitting and/or dog walking services? You can promote yourself via sites such as Rover or

5. Become A Translator

If you consider yourself fluent in multiple languages or even just one extra language your skills might be in demand as a translator. As a freelance translator, you can secure projects or gigs via platforms such as Fiverr, and set competitive rates.

All five of these make for excellent choices for a side job from home, without consuming too much upfront time or investment. How much you earn is purely down to your skill set, availability, research, and expertise.