Elon Musk has chopped Twitter down to about 1,000 employees


Elon Musk's continued firings and layoffs, as well as the departure of employees for new jobs, have resulted in Twitter's workforce being reduced to its lowest level in many years. Two sources familiar with the matter claim that Twitter currently has around 1,000 full-time employees, a significant drop from the 1,500 Musk reported several weeks ago. 

However, it is unclear whether contract workers were included in Musk's figure. Musk's takeover of Twitter in October has resulted in him continuously reducing the company's headcount, with a particularly large layoff and a mass resignation following shortly after the deal closed. As a result, Twitter's headcount is now down by almost 90% from just before Musk took over when the company had roughly 7,500 employees. 

While some new employees have been hired or promoted by Musk, most have only lasted a short time, and many workers have either quit or been let go piecemeal with little to no explanation. The remaining workers are constantly scrambling to meet Musk's demands and deal with near-constant problems on the site. Despite this, Musk has stated that his ambition is to get Twitter to 1 billion users each month by next year.

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