The top 3 countries where it’s easy to settle into a new life abroad, according to expats

 According to a recent survey by Internations, which gathered responses from almost 12,000 ex-pats worldwide, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore are the easiest places to settle in when starting a new life abroad. 

The survey's Expat Essentials Index considered factors such as digital life (including access to administrative services), housing, and language barriers. 

Bahrain topped the list of 52 countries for ease of settling in, with newcomers reporting easy access to visas, affordable housing, and minimal language barriers. 

The UAE and Singapore followed closely, offering good communication and minimal bureaucratic issues. 

Most ex-pats moving to these countries come from India for work-related reasons, such as banking or finance, and they appreciate the English language's prevalence. 

Canada came in 10th on the list, with ex-pats noting easy dealing with local authorities but facing difficulties finding affordable housing. 

On the other hand, Germany, Japan, and China ranked low in the survey because of challenging language barriers and deficient digital infrastructure, causing difficulties for ex-pats looking to settle in these countries.

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