Everyone needs a work spouse — even if some millennials don't think so

 A recent survey suggests that Millennials might not value work spouses as much as other generations do. However, as a Gen Xer, I believe that having a work spouse is crucial. Work spouses are people at work who provide support, friendship, and a listening ear. They're like work best friends, without the romantic consequence.

 According to a Newsweek poll, 57% of Millennials surveyed aged 25 to 34 are not comfortable with the notion of having a work spouse. In contrast, most Gen Zers and Baby Boomers value these relationships. But maybe Millennials just haven't found the right work spouse yet. The truth is, everyone needs a close colleague who understands them and has their back, and with whom they can discuss everything from work to personal issues. 

The concept of a "work wife" has evolved over time and now includes a platonic relationship that can last beyond jobs. Such relationships can provide comfort in difficult times, like when dealing with a death in the family while needing to keep up appearances at work. Moreover, research suggests that having a work-best friend can boost job satisfaction, productivity, and engagement. 

In essence, a work spouse is someone who provides "butt-kicking candor" and speaks truthfully when very few others will. As people reevaluate their work balance in this pandemic moment, rethinking the concept of the working spouse could lead to more productive and fulfilling careers.

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