Worried you're applying to a 'ghost job'? Here are some ways to tell.

Have you heard of the term "ghost jobs"? It refers to job positions that employers claim to be hiring for, but in reality, they are not. To help candidates avoid being tricked by such positions, certain signs can reveal whether a job vacancy is genuine or fake. 

One such red flag is when a job post has been up for a long time, indicating that the employer has not been able to find the right candidate or has possibly already filled the position but left the post open to receive more resumes. It is also important to pay attention to the specificity of the job descriptions because vague postings may suggest that the role is not genuine.

 During interviews, candidates can ask about the timeline for filling the position to get an idea of how urgently it needs to be filled. Additionally, a slow response from the employer throughout the hiring process might suggest that they are not actively pursuing candidates and the vacancy may not be legitimate.

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