The 2022 Fastest-Growing US Staffing Firms list is now online. It comprises 122 companies posting a compound annual growth in revenue of 15% or higher between 2017 and 2021. The median CAGR was 120.9% for the 10 fastest-growing firms on this year’s list and 30.3% for the full list.

“The 2022 Fastest-Growing Staffing Firms list displays a masterclass in perseverance. Emerging from the pandemic with organic growth is a true achievement and testament to the staffing industry’s strength, even in the most turbulent of times,” said SIA President Barry Asin. “Our list of staffing firms more than doubled this year and SIA is honored to present these resilient staffing firms to the world. A huge congratulations to our 2022 honorees!”

The 10 fastest-growing US staffing firms for 2022 are:


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The 2022 list is sponsored by The Braff Group.

“Staffing firms really stepped up during the pandemic, delivering extraordinary value when it was needed the most,” said Dexter Braff, president of The Braff Group. “What’s more, they are ideally positioned to meet the needs of a workforce that increasingly values greater control and flexibility regarding when and where they will work, and the number of hours they choose to devote.”

California was the state with the most headquarters firms on the list with 14. It was followed by New Jersey with 13; Florida with 11; Georgia with eight; and Nebraska, New York, and Texas with seven each. The city with the headquarters for the most staffing firms was Omaha, Nebraska with seven.

Twenty-nine firms on the list this year had revenue of more than $300 million in 2021.

The full list and accompanying profiles of the 10 fastest-growing are online.

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