Metaversa and Expansion

 If you are wondering what is Metaverse, then I would like to welcome you to the 21st century, here we create the digital world from the comfort of couches and sell assets that feel real but are not.

  1. The testing phase of Metaverse — Metaverse is fairly new and with the addition of new VR features, landscapes, and artists joining the platform. Metaverse is expanding and is generating a plethora of Data. Learning from Data takes time and with some more investment of time, metaverse will improve and will set a new benchmark for Web3.0, VR/AR capabilities.
  2. Attention Span Problem — Millenniums and GenZ are invested in platform like Instagram and WhatsApp. With the addition of Reels on Instagram, the attention span of people under 30 years of age has gone down severely low. That means the metaverse needs a much more impactful strategy to meet the attention span problem.
  3. VR Technology Cost — As of now 160 companies are working on VR tech (source —, and that will with time should eventually bring down the cost of wearable technology. And make it accessible for most people.
  4. Captive Audience — Meta has the highest number of active users combined on all of their three platforms that means for them it is not tough to convert this trough to a crest in no time.

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