Am I Too Old to Change Careers?


I am a 46/F with a high school education who has been in the same industry (mortgage) for twenty years. I'm burnt out, have very little savings, and I'm tired of the monotony of my job. I want to change careers, but I'm not sure how to go about it, or what to do. I've discarded some ideas for taking too long, like needing to go to school for four years. I want something where I can use my brain more and interact more with people. To that end, I've been looking into UX and/or Web Design. The learning seems to be tailor-made for people with no prior experience and takes much less time and money than a four-year degree. So what's the outlook for someone like me? Does it sound like a good idea? My current skill set really only lends itself to staying within the mortgage industry, so I'd have to educate myself on pretty much any other career. Can someone my age find a viable career in UX/web design? I have the will and enthusiasm, I just need the support.


I switched careers completely at 31 - went from technology to wealth management, and by 40 I was really really successful.

You're 46 now, and in 9 years you'll be 55 whether you switch careers or not. So might as well switch to something you love.

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