I’ve been making my boss think interviewees were leaving because of her tardiness.


Bartender here. So my boss seems to think punctuality is a requirement of everyone but herself. Whenever we have interviews lined up she tells me to make note of anyone who shows up late. (I don’t because I literally don’t care) Usually, she is in the back office or hasn’t even arrived yet and she just calls to tell me what times the interviews are for. I’ve noticed, however, that more often than not SHE is the one who is late. The hypocrisy just really gets to me. The last straw for me was when one guy waited almost 40 mins for her to finally show up, make herself coffee, talk to the chef about something that absolutely could have waited, chatted for 10 mins with a customer/acquaintance, before FINALLY sitting down to conduct the interview. He did not accept the job when she contacted him to start training. shocking

So I decided to turn the tables. Because so many restaurants are hiring right now, it isn’t uncommon for applicants to no-show for interviews just because they already accepted a job elsewhere. So, every time she has run late for a scheduled interview and it coincides with a no-show, I lie. I tell her they were here, on time, but then left when she didn’t show at the scheduled time. (I know she doesn’t have the backbone to actually follow up with any of them, so I’m not worried about getting caught). Her attitude has gone from “well they must not want a job that badly then, we don’t need them” (lmao, we really do) to “why are they leaving so quickly, I was just running a few minutes behind” Eyeroll.

I got ballsier though. I had one woman waiting for about 10 mins before I told her “look, the boss is on her way but I don’t blame you if you want to leave, why respect her time if she doesn’t respect yours”. She laughed and was like “Okay, why don’t I head to my car, if she gets here before I’ve left the area she can call me, and maybe I’ll come back”. This would have been the sixth time an interview “left”. So when my boss arrived 5 mins later I told her she could still call and try to catch her. I got to listen to my boss grovel on the phone about how sorry she was and she would still love to do the interview if the potential hire could make it back etc. The woman came back but definitely had a not-to-be-fucked with look on her face and again my boss had to kiss ass and tried to laugh it off all “omg you know how Monday morning traffic can be hehehe” And without blinking this chick goes “Yeah, totally, that’s why I left extra early today, so I could be here on time” My boss gave a sheepish chuckle and said something like “Great so we know you’re responsible” I had to duck behind the bar so she wouldn’t see me shaking with silent laughter.

Anyway, since then my boss has now started arriving early and/or not dicking around in the back when they arrive, making them wait for no reason. It has been hilarious watching her rush out all welcoming and “Can I get you a water, coffee? Make yourself comfortable and I’ll be right there!” She’s actually managed to hire some of the best candidates we had applied to. Now I’m brainstorming other ways to train my boss.


Train her to pay you more.

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