How do I get started in HR?


Hi Everyone, I will be making the jump into HR from a “career” in education. I have a BA in history and an MA in Education. I will be receiving my BS in HR Management in 2023. I currently work at Target and have no HR experience. I have a few quick questions.

  1. Where should I be looking for entry-level positions? Should I be looking for entry-level positions?

  2. Should I leave my Master’s degree on my resume? I don’t want a potential employer to be scared off thinking I would be too expensive.


Is there any opportunity for you to internship somewhere (always paid!) before graduation?

I always recommend EVERY student incorporate internships into their course of study. Yes, it can turn a 4-year degree into a 5-year plan, but I believe (if you can afford to do it) the benefits significantly outweigh the delayed diploma. Employers will take on people with little to no experience for a short time (and short money). Students walk away with a resume-building experience.

See what your school has to offer, but you can also search on your own.

Alternatively, temp agencies (after graduation) may be able to place you. Again, they're generally short-term gigs, probably without benefits, but it does help build experience.

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