How to become a professional beach bum for millennials


Yes, we all like to sip our coconuts while working out on laptops. “Life is hard” — some of us might be posting on our Instagram sarcastically, “Someone has to do it”- others might be posting. And our friends would be envious of the lifestyle we lead.

I lived and worked in beautiful beach destinations for over 10 years (think the Maldives, Krabi/Phuket, Bali, Sydney, etc), if you would like to do the same, read on!

You can build a great career while enjoying life by the beach.

You can have your cake and eat it too! I built my career that way.

Here’s how step by step:

Step 1: Decide on the beach destination that suits you.

Not all beach destinations are equal. Places like the Maldives have amazing beaches and great dive spots, but living there can be challenging.

If you were living in Male (the capital city and also a small island), it is highly polluted and congested with almost no leisure spots to enjoy. While the scenery is very different in the resorts, there is a lack of work-life boundaries as everyone is living and working on the same small island. Getting out of the island and doing “normal” things is inconvenient, and you can’t be spontaneous. This is because you need to follow the speedboat or seaplane schedules and availability. The positive point is that you get to dive in the most beautiful spots in the world, swim with dolphins, Manta rays, and more!

Step 2: Determine the right industry.

There are more traditional sectors like hospitality, leisure/watersports, diving, marine biology, conservation, etc. With technology, there is also plenty of remote work possible, like digital marketing, software development, and other industries that you just need a laptop to work with!

Step 3: Hunt for opportunities that fit.

One of the best ways to start is to join ex-pat groups and ask for advice on where best to look for opportunities. It is also a great place to network with people who have been living and working in your dream destination. The more people you know, the better the chances for you to find something.

I had a great time living my best life by the beach, working hard, and playing hard. I hope this inspires you to do the same! We do not need to wait till we are retired before “living the dream” by the beach.

I hope these are helpful for you! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. I am most reachable by LinkedIn:

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