Hulu’s ‘Virgin Island,’ a Dating Show for Celibates, Opens Applications


Hulu is set to launch a captivating new dating show called "Virgin Island," which will feature attractive singles who have yet to experience sexual intimacy. The series is produced by ITV, known for "Love Island USA" and "Queer Eye," along with Plimsoll Productions, the creators behind "Shark! Celebrity Infested Waters" and "A Real Bug’s Life." In "Virgin Island," a selection of appealing virgins will be hosted at an island resort where they will pursue meaningful relationships throughout a 10-episode series. 

These contestants will engage in romantic dates and activities as they consider giving up their virginity. The show promises heartfelt discoveries and varying motivations for their celibacy, alongside several unpredictable turns, such as new participant arrivals and exits. 

The series will culminate in a dramatic finale, testing the newly formed relationships. "Virgin Island" is currently accepting applications from U.S. residents aged 21 and above. Despite the challenge of verifying a contestant’s virginity, the application process inquires about participants' sexual history, spirituality, and reasons for remaining virgins. This series is set to be filmed over four weeks outside of the U.S. and is expected to wrap up before August 2024.

 The executive production team includes David George and Adam Sher from ITV America, along with Plimsoll’s Grant Mansfield, Karen Plumb, and Alan Eyres, with Peter Geist also serving as an Executive Producer. "Virgin Island" will be a new addition to Hulu’s roster of dating shows, joining the likes of "The Bachelor," "The Bachelorette," and "90 Day Fiancé."  

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