Startup CEO Salaries Dip in 2024A new report shows that CEO salaries have decreased this year--mostly due to Series B struggles--and that a gender pay gap persists

Overall Decrease in CEO Salaries**: In 2024, the average salary for startup CEOs is $141,000, slightly lower than the previous year, reflecting a cautious stance in response to challenging funding circumstances.

Salary Variations by Stage**: While Series B CEOs experienced a 10% decrease in salaries, earlier-stage CEOs saw an increase in their pay.

Quality Impact on Salaries**: Successful Seed and Series A rounds led to better pay for CEOs as compared to the prior year, indicating the strength of companies securing funding.

Struggles of Series B CEOs**: Series B CEOs are facing challenges meeting previous valuations, leading some to reduce their salaries to focus on key goals and extend their runway.

Gender Disparity**: Male CEOs earn an average of $14,000 more than female CEOs, with a percentage difference growing due to the salary decline in 2024, continuing a concerning trend from previous years.

Encouraging Median Salary**: Despite the average CEO salary decrease, the median salary increased to $147,000, indicating fewer CEOs receiving less than $100,000 or more than $250,000, signaling resilience and cautious optimism.

Factors to Consider in CEO Pay**: Determining CEO pay in challenging funding environments involves considering the company stage, and personal financial needs, and maintaining realistic expectations, as recommended by industry experts.  

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