The most shocking thing an ex-Amazon recruiter has ever seen on a resume: ‘I honestly have no idea what he was doing’


In 2007, Lindsay Mustain worked as a recruiter at Comcast, seeking to fill an entry-level call center role. While reviewing resumes, she came across one that particularly stood out. The first two pages were standard, but the third page surprised her. It featured a full-blown picture of the candidate holding a shotgun. Mustain, now CEO of Talent Paradigm, was shocked by this unconventional addition to the resume.

She emphasized the importance of keeping a resume to two pages and expressed her disbelief at the inclusion of a photo, especially one featuring a firearm. Mustain stated that including a weapon in a resume photo is highly off-putting and suggests poor judgment. She stressed that such a display could make a candidate seem like a danger and would not reflect well on their understanding of appropriate business standards.

Mustain advised against including a photo on a resume unless it's relevant to the job, such as for modeling or real estate. Even in roles that involve firearms, proof of training is preferred over a photo of the candidate holding a weapon. Overall, Mustain emphasized that including an inappropriate photo on a resume communicates a lack of awareness of acceptable business behavior.  

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