My toxic boss ruined my confidence in the workplace. I'm learning to build myself back up again.

 My boss criticized my choice of a backpack for work, making me feel like I didn't belong. Even though I rebelled by getting a more professional briefcase, my boss's constant belittling and nitpicking eroded my confidence. I used to be confident and fearless, even when facing job rejections. 

When I finally landed a full-time job, my boss's initial encouragement turned sour as she constantly pointed out my shortcomings. I started doubting myself and felt anxiety just seeing her name. She made me feel selfish for pursuing graduate school and tore me apart in my exit interview. 

It took me years and new bosses to rebuild my confidence. Now, I understand that bosses have their flaws, and I've learned to navigate workplace challenges. I've also learned that some people simply make bad leaders. When I told my new boss I was leaving, her genuine congratulations meant everything to me.  

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