Company says it will pay someone to listen to 24 hours of sad songs. How much?

 For anyone out there coping with a breakup, a Florida company may have a way to help you process it faster and earn some cash at the same time.

FinanceBuzz, an informational website that helps people make financial decisions, recently announced that it is looking for someone to listen to 24 hours of breakup songs in exchange for $1,100.

Breakups happen pretty often around Valentine's Day, according to data site YouGov. Millennials more than any generation have broken hearts on Feb. 14, with 11% saying they’ve ended a relationship on the day that celebrates love, according to the site.

"We know a good breakup song can help heal the heart," the Delray Beach, Florida-based FinanceBuzz said. "Plus, we want to help heal someone’s wallet at the same time."

Interested? Here's everything you need to know to apply.

How to get paid to listen to 24-hours of breakup songs

Red paper heart ripped in half indicating heart break  

To apply, fill out this form with your name, location, and socials, and confirm that you've recently exited a relationship. Applications are due by Feb. 14, Valentine's Day, at midnight EST.

The company says it will notify applicants within two weeks.

What's expected after the music ends

After listening to the 24 hours of breakup songs over two weeks, ranging from old-school classics to Taylor Swift's Eras era, the chosen applicant will categorize and rate the songs "based on how effective they are for moving on," FinanceBuzz said.

"We know some songs just hit differently depending on where you are in the cycle," the company said.

The "DJ of Heartache," FinanceBuzz's official title for the position, will create the ultimate breakup playlist to share with the world, the company said.

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