The 10 fastest-growing jobs in the U.S. right now—many can be remote and pay over $100,000


In 2024, the job market is expected to be more cautious and competitive, with slower hiring and smaller raises. However, some job roles offer brighter prospects than others. LinkedIn's annual Jobs on the Rise list highlights the 25 fastest-growing occupations based on the job titles that saw the most growth on its website between January 2019 and July 2023. The top 10 fastest-growing jobs in 2024, along with their job descriptions, salary ranges, and top hiring locations, have been identified.

1. Chief Growth Officer: Develop and execute an organization’s strategies for driving revenue, expanding market presence, and ensuring sustainable growth. Salary: $41,500-$269,500. Top locations: Washington, D.C.-Baltimore area, New York City, Dallas.

2. Government Program Analyst: Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of public sector programs. Salary: $37,000-$131,500. Top locations: Sacramento, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C.-Baltimore area.

3. Environment Health Safety Manager: Ensure companies foster a safe and sustainable workplace, managing risk and ensuring compliance with health, safety, and environmental regulations. Salary: $32,000-$156,000. Top locations: Atlanta, Houston, Boston.

4. Director of Revenue Operations: Oversee businesses’ revenue generation practices and optimize business growth and efficiency. Salary: $34,000-$179,500. Top locations: San Francisco, New York City, Boston.

5. Sustainability Analyst: Evaluate an organization’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts. Salary: $42,500-$138,500. Top locations: New York City, Chicago, Atlanta.

6. Advanced Practice Provider: Licensed medical providers offering primary care services. Salary: $39,000-$166,000. Top locations: Kansas City, Austin, Chicago.

7. Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion: Cultivate inclusive workplaces through the design and implementation of diversity, equity, and inclusion policies. Salary: $43,500-$277,500. Top locations: New York City, Chicago, Washington, D.C.-Baltimore area.

8. Artificial Intelligence Consultant: Advise organizations on the implementation of AI technologies. Salary: $60,500-$151,000. Top locations: San Francisco, Boston, New York City.

9. Recruiter: Source, evaluate, and hire qualified candidates for open roles within organizations. Salary: $25,000-$93,500. Top locations: Dallas, New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C.-Baltimore area.

10. Artificial Intelligence Engineer: Develop, implement, and train AI models and algorithms. Salary: $44,000-$173,500. Top locations: San Francisco, New York City, Washington, D.C.-Baltimore area.

These roles offer remote or hybrid job opportunities, reflecting employers’ attention to workers’ demands for flexible work. The job market is poised to be highly competitive, as indicated by the 21% increase in job search intensity on LinkedIn's platform year over year. Knowing the emerging opportunities can help job seekers optimize their job search and land roles with strong job security. Professionals in AI, revenue operations, and sustainability are particularly in demand, reflecting the need for sustainable, scalable growth and environmental responsibility.  

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