‘Stop fixating on that promotion. Worry about learning, not your next job’: Mars senior executive reveals his best career hack for climbing the corporate ladder


In the competitive world of career advancement, the pursuit of the next job title often takes center stage. However, Shaid Shah, the global president of Mars Food & Nutrition, advises against fixating solely on job titles and instead emphasizes the importance of continuous learning and personal growth. Since joining Mars in 2007, Shah has risen through the ranks, emphasizing the significance of focusing on experiences that energize and inspire, rather than solely pursuing upward mobility.

Shah stresses that true career success involves understanding personal ambitions and identifying what brings fulfillment and motivation. By prioritizing experiences that align with long-term goals and personal fulfillment, individuals are more likely to achieve sustained success, rather than merely pursuing superficial promotions.

Similarly, Pano Christou, CEO of Pret, underscores the value of excelling in one's current role and focusing on delivering exceptional performance, rather than fixating on future positions. By concentrating on contributing and excelling within the current role, while fostering positive relationships with peers, career progression can naturally follow.

The emphasis on continuous learning and personal development is crucial even at the pinnacles of success. Shah emphasizes the importance of seeking feedback, acknowledging that personal growth is an ongoing journey. By focusing on both professional and personal development, individuals can continue to evolve as better leaders and human beings.

In essence, both Shah and Christou advocate for a focus on continuous learning, personal growth, and excelling in current roles rather than solely fixating on job titles or the next step in one's career ladder.  

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