Recruiters spend just 3-5 seconds on your resume—how to get their attention with your summary


 Recruiters typically spend only three to five seconds reviewing a resume due to time constraints and the volume of applications they receive. Therefore, it's crucial to highlight the most important information first. Under the experience section, include your most recent job title and duties that align with the role you're applying for. Additionally, consider writing a summary at the top of your resume to draw attention to your relevant skills. 

Former Disney recruiter Simon Taylor suggests starting with a single sentence summarizing who you are and why you're a fit for the role, followed by six bullets that emphasize your skills, knowledge, and experience. Tailor these bullets to match the keywords and requirements of the job you're applying to. This approach is effective because recruiters scan for keywords that align with the job description. By presenting this information upfront, you increase the likelihood of progressing in the hiring process. 

Overall, the goal when crafting your resume is to quickly establish the most relevant information clearly and concisely, and a well-crafted summary can achieve this effectively.  

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