An 18-point guide to eliminating tension between leadership and employees


Maintaining peace and harmony in the workplace is crucial for a positive work environment. To unearth the origins of workplace tension, 18 thought leaders, including executive coaches and business founders, were consulted. Their insights highlight several key areas for maintaining equilibrium and avoiding tension between teammates. From aligning incentives with employee contributions to fostering appreciation and empathetic leadership, the advice ranges widely.

One suggestion focuses on incentivizing employees by offering a percentage of the new business they bring in. This approach aims to provide ownership and motivation, particularly in smaller businesses. Transparent tracking of employee performance is crucial for fairness. Another perspective underscores the significance of appreciating and recognizing all team members, regardless of their role, and understanding and supporting them to reduce tension between employees and executives. 

Building trust through transparent and proactive communication is also highlighted as critical to tackling uncertainty and dispelling employee concerns. Another prominent theme emphasizes aligning company vision and core values to create a cohesive and unified team while ensuring clear and explicit communication of leadership expectations. Additionally, bridging the gap between executives and day-to-day operations, as well as optimizing management styles through feedback, can help mitigate tensions.

Furthermore, the importance of honoring promises, updating progress, and including employees in the company narrative has been stressed. Emphasizing the need for open communication and addressing any misalignment of goals and strategies is also vital. Lastly, prioritizing empathy in leadership and empowering teams through effective delegation are seen as effective strategies for fostering a positive work culture.

These insights provide valuable guidance ranging from empowering teams through effective delegation to prioritizing empathy in leadership, all aimed at creating a positive and harmonious work environment.  

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