I'm a flight attendant as a side hustle. Combining flying with my full-time job is more realistic than I thought.

 I joined airBaltic in 2021 as a social media manager and later had the opportunity to become a part-time flight attendant through the "Office in the Sky" program. The program allows office employees to undergo cabin crew training and take flying shifts a few times a month around their full-time jobs. As someone who was initially anxious about flying, this opportunity was a chance to make extra income with the support of my employer.

The extensive cabin crew training was a learning experience. We were taught about the aircraft, handling various onboard situations, first aid, and emergency procedures. The training was thorough, including role-playing exercises such as a passenger rescue mission after an emergency water landing. Despite the exhaustive nature of the training, airBaltic provided a stipend on top of my salary, which served as extra motivation to continue.

After completing the training and several training flights, I began working as a part-time flight attendant in April 2023, flying two to four times a month. Balancing flying with my office job involves strategic scheduling, such as taking early morning, evening, and weekend shifts to ensure no conflicts with my full-time job commitments. I also prefer longer flights on weekends, such as the Riga to Lisbon route, which provides more opportunities to engage with passengers and higher earnings due to overtime pay.

I make the most of my time during flights, working on my social media manager tasks, interacting with colleagues and passengers for content inspiration, and capturing moments for future posts. Since the initial training, being a part-time cabin crew member has not significantly encroached on my free time, and the flexible nature of the role suits my people-oriented personality.

It's a role that requires strong communication skills, empathy, and a commitment to continuous training and tests to ensure safety standards are met. However, combining a flight attendant role with another job is achievable, as exemplified by colleagues working as cabin crew alongside professions like architecture, physiotherapy, and personal training. It's a flexible opportunity that allows for travel while pursuing another career.  

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