I worked nights, weekends, and holidays after being put on a performance improvement plan. I saved my job, but it wasn't worth it.

 After finding my stride in the legal industry, a new department head's arrival brought drastic changes. Her authoritarian style clashed with the team's dynamic, leading to unnecessary process changes and micromanagement that strained our work-life balance. Numerous colleagues experienced stress-related health issues, and I, too, felt the pressure daily. When I voiced my concerns to senior management, I was blindsided by being put on a performance-improvement plan (PIP) for alleged subpar work, which I believed was retribution for speaking up.

Fearing the consequences of losing my job as the primary breadwinner for my family, I attempted to salvage my position. However, the constant scrutiny, extra hours, and relentless pressure took a toll on my well-being. Despite maintaining my high-quality work, I had to endure grueling daily check-ins and seek validation for every accomplishment. It was an emotionally draining ordeal, and my health suffered greatly as a result.

After enduring the PIP for three months, I was shocked to learn that the department head planned to promote me to manage the most demanding projects, without any increase in compensation. This was the final straw, and I grasped the opportunity to secure a better position at a more supportive company, where I could grow and thrive.

In my new role, I've found fulfillment and growth opportunities. I've learned to navigate corporate challenges, prioritizing my well-being while striving for excellence. Today, I work from home, enjoying a rewarding career and leveraging my diverse skill set. This experience taught me to prioritize my own growth and well-being in the workplace.  

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