Ex-Employer hasn't paid my final paycheck in nearly 2 weeks and is currently ghosting me via text (voicemail in comments, wholesome ending)


The DOL WHD agent who handled my case was exceptional. I encourage anyone who, like myself, is too poor to normally consider legal action of any variety, to reach out to the DOL to investigate a business trying to take advantage of you. There are resources and people available to make your life easier, even if most of the world doesn't. I'm in a position where I was not immediately affected by this and I have a safety net available, but the turnaround time was genuinely lifesaving for someone less fortunate. The DOL is helping put food on your table by keeping your employers accountable 🙏

Voicemail from the DOL agent in the comments. He was the only person I spoke with from start to finish, I felt well cared for in his hands.

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