I got a tech job and quadrupled my salary to $400,000 after leaving law. You don't need a traditional tech background to succeed in the industry.

After working as a litigation attorney and a real estate agent, you found your passion for data privacy while working as a legal recruiter. During a maternity leave in 2018, you leveraged networking and informational interviews to transition into data privacy. Despite initially taking a pay cut for a consulting position, you recognized the potential in the field and continued to advance.

Your thought leadership and expertise in data privacy, showcased on platforms like LinkedIn, led to a role at Meta, followed by an even higher offer from Google as a privacy program manager. Despite a layoff at Google, your strong network and strategic approach to job offers resulted in a compelling opportunity at Cruise with a total compensation of over $400,000.

Your advice for those entering the data privacy and tech industry emphasizes starting in consulting and leveraging resources like Levels.fyi and Blind for salary information and networking. You also highlight the importance of assertive negotiation and aiming for higher income goals.

Throughout your journey, you've emphasized the value of leveraging skills, networking, and strategic negotiation to achieve success in the tech industry, particularly in data privacy.  

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