The best states to find a job, ranked


WalletHub recently conducted a study to determine the best and worst states for jobs in the US. Factors such as job opportunities, average salary, and work-related stress were taken into account. Washington emerged as the top state, offering the highest monthly average starting salary of $4,332, which is 2.2 times higher than the lowest state, Alaska.

 WalletHub analyst Cassandra Happe attributed Washington's top ranking to factors such as the absence of state income tax for workers, high wages, and strong employment protections. Other states that ranked favorably include Virginia, Utah, Vermont, Florida, Maryland, South Dakota, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. On the other hand, West Virginia was deemed the worst state for jobs, plagued by low salaries and high work-related stress. 

Other states in the bottom rankings include Kentucky, Mississippi, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Oregon, Arkansas, Alabama, and Idaho. Notably, Maryland and South Dakota boasted the lowest unemployment rate at 1.7%, while the national average is around 3.9%.  

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