5 Employee Sabbatical Leave Ideas For A Worthwhile Reset

  Many companies offer employees the opportunity to take a sabbatical after a specific tenure, allowing them to take an extended break from work. Employees can also negotiate for more than the typical one- or two-week vacation or rollover vacation days for a significant reprieve. Here are five ideas for how to make the most of a sabbatical:

1. Pursue Your 100 Dreams: Create a list of 100 things you want to learn, places to go, and experiences to have. Use your sabbatical to check off these items, especially those that require dedicated time and energy, such as extensive travel or completing a challenging physical feat.

2. Change Your Environment: Travel abroad, immerse yourself in a new culture, or simply change your living space. Your surroundings can significantly impact your personal development, so consider how you can use your sabbatical to create a rejuvenating and inspiring environment for yourself.

3. Dive into Your Hobbies: Use your sabbatical to fully engage in your hobbies, whether it's training for a marathon, writing a book, or learning something new. Joining a group related to your interest can provide structure and accountability.

4. Try Something Different: Explore activities that are different from your usual work. For example, if your job primarily involves mental work, consider working on a hands-on project. This break is an opportunity to exercise different skills and discover new passions that can help prevent burnout.

5. Prioritize Wellness: Use your sabbatical to focus on your physical and mental well-being. This could involve getting more sleep, regular exercise, healthier eating, or other self-care practices. Consider starting or reinforcing habits that promote long-term wellness.

Mix and match these ideas to create a well-rounded sabbatical experience that provides rest and rejuvenation without over-scheduling. Whether it's engaging in wellness activities, pursuing hobbies, or experiencing new environments, the goal is to create a true reset from work.  

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