Workday is reskilling employees by letting them take gig work in different parts of the company. Internal mobility and promotions have skyrocketed

Workday, a human capital management software provider, has taken a unique approach to employee training and upskilling to adapt to the current talent market. They have implemented a program called "gigs," which allows employees to take on short-term assignments through their career hub platform.

The purpose of these gigs is to provide employees with hands-on experience and exposure to different parts of the company's business. It enables them to develop new skills or utilize existing ones that they may not frequently use in their full-time roles. Since its launch in 2019, over 3,500 employees have participated in the program.

Employees first indicate the skills they are interested in learning or expanding within Workday's career development platform. The platform then utilizes machine learning to suggest gigs that align with the employee's listed skills. These gigs can be posted by managers or individual contributors. Employees can apply for the gigs or express their interest on the platform, and if found suitable, they can be connected with the gig poster. The manager's approval is necessary before an employee can accept a gig.

The duration of a gig can vary. Employees can dedicate as little as 10% of their time to a two-month project or take on more substantial projects that make up half of their workload for a certain period. Gigs are available in any function within the company, allowing employees to explore various opportunities.

This program has had several positive impacts on the company. It has increased internal mobility, with nearly 50% more movement among employees who participated in a gig compared to those who did not. Additionally, over one-third of the internal movements resulted in promotions to higher-level roles. Prior to the implementation of gigs, employees often expressed dissatisfaction with their career growth and development. However, the introduction of gigs has addressed this concern and provided opportunities for employees to stretch their skills and try new things.

Overall, the "gigs" program at Workday has contributed to improved employee sentiment and career development within the company. It offers employees flexibility and options for growth, allowing them to pursue their career aspirations within the organization.  

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