The top 3 companies with the happiest workers have this one thing in common

 The happiness of employees in the workplace can be influenced by various factors, such as job purpose, salary, and autonomy. However, a significant boost to workplace happiness is often attributed to positive relationships with colleagues. According to Comparably's latest ranking, which is based on employee reviews, the top three companies with the happiest employees are Workday, Topgolf, and Uber.

Workday, a California-based HR tech company, claims the number one spot with a workplace happiness score of 91 out of 100. Employees at Workday appreciate the supportive and encouraging company culture, celebrating each other's growth, development, and successes. They also feel fairly compensated, enthusiastic about their work, aligned with the company's goals, and have access to comprehensive benefits.

Topgolf, a sports complex chain, ranks second on the list. Employees at Topgolf find happiness in the interactions and fun they have with their co-workers. This positive camaraderie contributes to their overall workplace satisfaction.

Uber takes the third spot on the list, and employees attribute their happiness to the people they work with. This highlights the importance of positive relationships and connections in contributing to workplace happiness.

Overall, the top 12 companies on the list have an average happiness score of 90 out of 100, compared to the average happiness score of 65 for companies across the site. These rankings are based on employee reviews collected between August 2022 and August 2023. The reviews assess various aspects, including the positivity of the work environment, fair compensation, work-life balance, enthusiasm, co-worker interactions, pride in the company, and the likelihood of recommending the company to others.

Interestingly, several prominent tech giants, such as Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Amazon, did not make the list this year. This suggests that the size and budget of a company may not always correlate with employee satisfaction. Smaller organizations, like Workday, have the advantage of agility and the ability to promptly act on employee feedback, fostering a culture of adaptability and credibility.  

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