‘I’m Working Three Jobs ‘: Latino Voters Tell CNN Why They Aren’t Happy With Biden Presidency

 CNN's recent report highlighted President Joe Biden's diminishing support among Latino voters, focusing on dissatisfaction with the administration, particularly regarding the economy under "Bidenomics."

 Polling indicates a decline in support among Hispanic and Black voters nationwide, especially in swing states. A recent CNN poll showed that Biden only holds a 4% lead over Trump among Latino registered voters. 

CNN's Miguel Marquez interviewed Georgia residents, revealing regret over voting for Biden, citing issues such as increased living expenses and the struggle to make ends meet. Many Latino immigrants in Dalton, Georgia, living paycheck to paycheck, now view the Trump era as more financially favorable.

 Concerns were also raised about rising crime under Biden's presidency. This sentiment was echoed by a local barber in Atlanta, who expressed uncertainty about his vote and emphasized the importance of addressing crime and the economy.  

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