5 Reasons To Continue Your Job Search Over The Holidays

Many people believe that searching for a job during the holidays is a waste of time due to the potential challenges of balancing social gatherings and job hunting or feeling burnt out from the year's events. However, it could actually be an opportune time to seek a new position. Contrary to popular belief, hiring does not come to a halt during the holidays, and key roles may open up at the end of the year. Additionally, continuing the job search during this time could mean less competition, as many people slow down or stop their job search. There are compelling reasons to persevere with your job search through the end of the year:

1. Long Hiring Process: The average time-to-hire rate has reached an all-time high, leading to a lengthy and multi-step interview process. Thus, sustaining the job search could be wise, considering the extended hiring timelines.

2. Ideal Time to Make Connections: The holidays offer an excellent opportunity to reconnect with mentors, recruiters, and former colleagues. Sending holiday greetings and scheduling meetings can set the stage for networking conversations at the beginning of the new year.

3. Less Competition: With many individuals assuming the end of the year is a bad time to job hunt, there is a potential advantage in having reduced competition. Continuing job-hunting activities from November through January could give you a strategic edge.

4. Companies Are Still Hiring: While some organizations slow down their hiring, others, particularly in the retail, e-commerce, and food and beverage industries, increase their hiring during the holidays. Temporary positions might even lead to permanent roles, and managers may have pressure to extend job offers before the year ends.

5. Potential for Other Perks: Some companies reduce project activities during the holiday months, making it an excellent time to negotiate additional time off before starting a new job. Moreover, new employees may benefit from paid holidays and team-building events.

By continuing the job search over the holidays, one can connect with hiring managers ahead of the influx of new budgets in January, potentially securing an advantageous job opportunity for the new year.  

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