The 10 most in-demand hybrid jobs companies are hiring for right now—some pay over $100K


According to recent data from ManPower Group, the hybrid job market is thriving, even as remote job opportunities might be dwindling. The number of hybrid roles being offered by companies across all industries is increasing month-over-month. This trend is driven by the desire for flexibility among jobseekers as more companies are planning to return to full-time office work.

In a survey conducted by FlexJobs, it was found that 46% of U.S. workers now prefer a hybrid work arrangement, which is a significant increase from the previous year's response where less than one-third of workers preferred hybrid work. As a result, job seekers are actively searching for jobs that offer some level of flexibility.

To help jobseekers identify the best flexible job opportunities, FlexJobs has analyzed their database and identified the most in-demand hybrid jobs between September 2022 and August 2023. The top 10 most in-demand hybrid jobs, according to FlexJobs, are:

1. Accountant

2. Executive Assistant

3. Financial analyst

4. Customer service representative

5. Project manager

6. Recruiter

7. Paralegal

8. Marketing manager

9. Account manager

10. Writer

Interestingly, many of these in-demand hybrid jobs offer salaries over $100,000. For example, a senior financial analyst position at U.S. Bank in Milwaukee has a salary range of $105,230-$136,180, and a marketing manager position at Verizon offers a minimum salary of $105,000-$213,000 in several states. Manager and senior-level roles dominate the hybrid job postings on FlexJobs. The top fields hiring for hybrid roles include tech, accounting and finance, and marketing.  

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