Pay is an important motivator when choosing a new job, but job seekers also take into consideration factors such as company culture and job security, according to the Summer 2023 Job-Seeker Survey by Aerotek, part of the Allegis Group.

The top five motivators for job seekers to accept a new job were:

  1. Pay, 86.4%
  2. Positive and supportive company culture, 83.7%
  3. Job security, 83.2%
  4. Potential for career advancement, 77.7%
  5. Work that is interesting or challenging, 60.9%

Aerotek’s survey also found that 70.7% of respondents have not received a pay raise based on inflation in the past year despite the rising cost of living, and 77.3% said their overall financial situation has worsened.

The survey also asked about the most significant barrier or challenge in their current search. More than half, 53.8%, pointed to the economy and/or job market.

Allegis Group’s survey included 1,437 job seekers and took place between Aug. 4 and Aug. 22.

The Baltimore-Columbia-Towson area of Maryland posted the lowest jobless rate among the 51 largest US metro areas in August at 1.8%, according to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Las Vegas area posted the highest rate at 6.1% among large metro areas.

Among metro areas of all sizes, the lowest unemployment rate in August was in Bismarck, North Dakota, at 1.5%. The next lowest rate was in Fargo, North Dakota-Minnesota, at 1.6%. A total of nine areas had jobless rates of less than 2.0%, while five areas had rates of at least 8.0%.

El Centro, California, had the highest jobless rate among metropolitan areas of all sizes in August at 19.7%.

According to the BLS, 11 of the most populous metropolitan areas are made up of 38 metropolitan divisions, which are essentially separately identifiable employment centers. Silver Spring-Frederick-Rockville, Maryland, had the lowest division unemployment rate at 1.6% in August.

On the other hand, Elgin, Illinois, and Los Angeles-Long Beach-Glendale, California, had the highest rates among the divisions at 5.8% each.

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