The Rehabilitation of HR Is (Finally) Here


The human resources department is often seen as uncool and nicknamed "human remains." They have traditionally been viewed as being on the side of management and overly authoritative. However, HR is evolving to focus on strategy, data, and talent acquisition using generative AI. 

They play a crucial role in reskilling leadership development, and employee retention and productivity. This transition is reflected in the growing importance of chief people officers and the strategic nature of talent acquisition.

 HR has historically been at the forefront of challenges faced by businesses, from Henry Ford's application of scientific management principles to contemporary human relations management. HR is now handling the complexities of return-to-office policies and talent mobility issues, which are of strategic importance in the global race for talent. 

While HR has been the target of bias and stereotypes, the current corporate landscape requires brokers who can facilitate communication between teams and strategists who can navigate the complex needs of employees and managers. HR managers may become the unsung heroes of this era in corporate history. 

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