Jobs are now requiring experience with ChatGPT — and they'll pay as much as $800,000 a year for the skill


Expertise in ChatGPT could help you land your next job.

According to a study conducted by ResumeBuilder, almost all of the companies that have job openings are interested in hiring candidates who possess knowledge of the popular chatbot, ChatGPT. The survey revealed that the implementation of ChatGPT has had a positive impact on productivity, time management, and company profits. 

Many organizations are already utilizing the chatbot for various processes such as content creation, coding, and legal documentation. However, this does not imply that Artificial Intelligence will completely replace humans in the workforce. In fact, economist Richard Baldwin, during a panel discussion at the 2023 World Economic Forum's Growth Summit assured that it is not the AI itself but the usage of AI by companies that could lead to job displacement. JobAdvisor examined several job postings on sites such as Indeed and LinkedIn to identify the companies looking for workers with ChatGPT experience. 

Here are nine types of jobs that companies are looking to fill with ChatGPT experts — and what you can get paid doing them:

Marketing professionals

A man leaning up against a table in a meeting room while touching an AI-powered dashboard
Lasso MD, FloWater, and Protein Milkshake are hiring marketing professionals with ChatGPT expertise. 
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Companies are looking for workers with knowledge of ChatGPT to fill their marketing roles, with the hope that the skill will juice up marketing strategies.

Lasso MD, a San Diego-based health-technology company, is hiring a full-time social-media product manager with an annual salary from $50,000 to $70,000.

According to the job listing, the role requires "direct experience designing ChatGPT prompts for unique post captions." Lasso MD CEO Eric Bunnell said the company had "already deeply integrated" GPT-4 — ChatGPT's latest language model — into its product workflows.

"We want candidates who are not only capable of executing our AI-enabled workflows but can also bring new learnings and efficiencies to the table from their own experience with generative AI," Bunnell told Insider.

FloWater, a Denver-based tech company that purifies tap water, is hiring a full-time marketing coordinator to help plan and execute its marketing campaigns.

FloWater CEO Rich Razgaitis said one of the job qualifications includes using ChatGPT to boost lead generation and enhance social media and influencer-marketing tasks.

"Marketing is all about generating hyperbolic growth, and candidates with ChatGPT expertise bring a competitive advantage by being able to create marketing systems at scale," he told Insider.

Some firms are even hiring for ChatGPT-specific roles. Protein Milkshake, a female-nutrition company, is looking to hire a "Klaviyo + ChatGPT email marketing super expert" — a remote contractor will earn from $18 to $50 an hour and use the chatbot to help run its email marketing campaigns.

AI and machine-learning engineers

A group of people sitting at a table in an open office, working on laptops and using VR headsets.
Scratch,, Prescriber Point, and Steneral Consulting are hiring AI and machine-learning engineers familiar with large language models. 
Me 3645 Studio

Businesses are also seeking to hire AI and machine-learning engineers with experience using ChatGPT to build their products in novel ways.

The HR firm Scratch is hiring a remote senior machine-learning engineer for a client. The position comes with a salary of $120,000 to $185,000 a year and requires "familiarity with current AI tools" such as ChatGPT and Midjourney, an AI image generator., a conversational AI tool for the finance industry, is looking for a remote machine-learning engineer — an entry-level role that pays from $130,000 to $170,000 a year — to integrate cutting-edge models like GPT into its products. The job requires "experience with natural language processing and large language models" behind ChatGPT.

"Experience with LLMs is a key requirement for the role," CEO Srinivas Njay told Insider. "Ultimately this helps our customers — banks and credit unions — become more efficient in engaging with their customers."

Prescriber Point, a digital-health startup, and Steneral Consulting, an IT-consulting firm, are also looking to fill engineering roles with candidates who can integrate ChatGPT into their workflows.

Software developers

A group of people sitting around a central desk while talking to each other
Workera AI,, and ZINFI Technologies are hiring software developers who know how to use ChatGPT. 
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Software developers looking for new jobs may have the upper hand if they know how to use ChatGPT to improve the quality of their work.

Workera AI, an AI-powered skills-training platform, is hiring an assessment developer with "experience using ChatGPT" to develop its cybersecurity models and skills assessments

Workera AI CEO Ted van den Berg told Insider that knowing how to "fine-tune" ChatGPT prompts would help improve the quality of Workera's skill tests.

"By using ChatGPT and similar AI technology, assessment developers can spend less time developing competency models and assessment questions from scratch, and more time leveraging their subject matter expertise to refine them, increasing the efficiency and scale of assessment development," he said

Earlier this month,, a social platform for business leaders headquartered in San Francisco, closed its application for a ChatGPT and AI developer — a remote, full-time position that pays $125,000 a year — who could develop and integrate AI tools like virtual assistants into its products and services. "Experience with ChatGPT" and other large language models was a requirement.

ZINFI Technologies, a cloud-based marketing platform, is looking to fill its ChatGPT-integrated support-chat-tool-development role with someone who will use ChatGPT's language model to build the company's own chatbot.

AI-model trainers

A man with glasses sitting at a desk while typing out a message to ChatGPT
Crystal Equation, DealDriver AI, and GetIt are hiring ChatGPT-enthusiasts to train large language models that underlie the chatbot. 
Nicolas Maeterlinck / Getty Images

Tech companies are hiring workers familiar with ChatGPT to train their own AI models to produce the best outputs.

Crystal Equation, an IT-staffing agency, is hiring a data-labeling analyst who would be responsible for identifying "potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities" in its large language model. The job pays $13 to $18 an hour, and experience using ChatGPT and its rival Google Bard is required.

"Use of these language models enable increased collaboration and execution across implementation teams," Christine Terman, the president, and CEO at Crystal Equation told Insider.

DealDriver AI, an AI-powered car-buying service, is looking for a remote, full-time AI data operations specialist to fine-tune its personalized ChatGPT-powered chatbot that helps its customers negotiate prices with car dealerships.

"Our ops specialists make sure that the AI is able to continue adapting and handle new conversations as we experience them," Alex Chung, the head of buying experience at DealDriver AI, told Insider.

GetIt, a service for job seekers, seeks to fill a full-time, remote role to train ChatGPT's language model to answer finance-related questions.


A woman sitting at a desk with a laptop and stationary writing on a piece of paper.
Slalom, Tock, and Century Communities are hiring copywriters with ChatGPT skills. 
Olga Rolenko/Getty Images

Copywriters who know how to use ChatGPT to efficiently produce content are in demand.

Earlier this month, Slalom, a Portland-based tech-consulting firm, was seeking a full-time senior copywriter to produce content for its marketing campaigns for $80,000 to $100,000 a year. Candidates familiar with AI tools such as ChatGPT had a competitive edge, according to the job listing.

An understanding of ChatGPT helps candidates "contribute innovative ideas and solutions that can help our teams better explain the benefits of AI to our customers," Ted Zahn, the creative lead for global partner marketing at Slalom, told Insider.

"Candidates with AI-chatbot experience often also possess skills in natural language processing, conversation design, and user experience, which can enhance their ability to create engaging and user-friendly content," he added.

Tock, a restaurant-reservation service, also looked for workers with experience using ChatGPT and other AI tools to fill its B2B marketing copywriter position, a freelance role that pays $45 to $55 an hour.

"ChatGPT surfaces fresh ideas, creates initial drafts, and boosts productivity," David Widger, the head of marketing at Tock, told Insider.

Century Communities, a Colorado-based real-estate firm, is hiring a full-time, on-site copywriter familiar with generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Google's Bard for $65,000 to $75,000 a year.


A teacher standing in front of a whiteboard while talking to students in a classroom
Oliver Scholars and Coursemojo are hiring teachers who can use ChatGPT in the classroom. 
Jon Feingersh Photography Inc/Getty Images

Education organizations are looking for teachers who can use ChatGPT to aid student learning.

Oliver Scholars, a nonprofit that prepares underserved students in New York City to attend prestigious schools, is hiring a part-time summer history instructor for $5,200 to $10,200 over the semester. Oliver Scholars CEO Danielle Cox told Insider that the instructor would be responsible for teaching students how to use ChatGPT for learning purposes.

"We want our students to understand the opportunities and limits of this emerging technology," Cox said. "We also need teachers who are savvy enough to help students avoid plagiarism and to discern what information is reliable and what is not."

Coursemojo, an education technology company, is hiring full-time psychology and computer-science teachers, each with a salary range of $53,600 to $76,000 a year. The education platform is also looking for part-time ASL and health-science teachers for $11,000 a year.

Candidates with an "aptitude" or "willingness to learn" to apply AI tools like ChatGPT to course design are preferred, according to the job listings.

Product managers

A woman standing in front of a group of people while presenting and pointing to a whiteboard.
Real Chemistry, Integrated Projects, and Crossover seek product managers who can integrate ChatGPT into their workflows. 
Nitat Termmee/Getty Images

Product managers who can use ChatGPT to streamline their workflows and increase efficiency may have an edge at landing their next gig.

Real Chemistry, an AI healthcare firm, is hiring a senior product manager for its generative AI division, a remote full-time job that pays from $150,000 to $175,000 a year. The job listing said the candidate must have a "deep interest" in generative AI tech and would help build out the company's AI-product roadmap using tools like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion.

"Generative AI will help us focus more on creative and storytelling skills and less on repetitive tasks and simplistic content generation," Romain Bogaerts, the director of AI-solutions engineering at Real Chemistry, told Insider.

Integrated Projects, a digital platform for architects, is also hiring a senior product manager to improve its product suite. Familiarity with tools like ChatGPT is required for the gig, which comes with a salary of $140,000 to $160,000 per year, according to the listing.

Integrated Projects CEO Jose L. Cruz Jr. said the chatbot could be an asset to his team because it produced structured content well.

"A strong candidate knows how to balance the efficiencies of ChatGPT with a discerning eye for detail and curation," Cruz Jr. told Insider.

Earlier this month, Crossover, a search engine for remote jobs, closed its applications for a senior director of product management and a chief product officer. Both positions offered $800,000 salaries and required that applicants apply ChatGPT to their work.


A woman in a yellow shirt sitting at a desk and writing down notes on a clipboard while listening during a virtual meeting.
Moderna Therapeutics and Integrated Projects are looking for recruitment professionals to use ChatGPT to help attract the best talent. 
Andrey Popov/Getty Images

Recruitment teams are looking for employees interested in using ChatGPT to hire the most qualified workers.

Moderna Therapeutics, the Cambridge-based biotech company, is hiring a hybrid, full-time global head of talent acquisition to help the company develop a strategy that would attract the best talent. Moderna is looking for candidates with a "digital-first mindset" who feel comfortable applying technology like ChatGPT to enhance the company's bottom line, according to the job listing.

Christopher Ridley, a spokesperson for Moderna, told Insider that the vaccine-maker was focused on using AI technology to "propel the organization forward" and "better the lives" of its patients.

Similarly, Integrated Projects, the digital platform for architects, is looking for someone with "strong ChatGPT prompt skills" to fill its talent acquisition and support role.

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