How Gen Zers Are Maximizing Social Media To Land Their Dream Jobs

Gone are the days when social media was solely used for receiving likes and gaining popularity. Today, young adults belonging to the Gen Z and Millennial cohorts utilize social media as a tool to explore unconventional job opportunities and seek fulfilling work, as reported by CNBC. With career change being contemplated by the majority of Gen Zers and Millennials this year, social media offers a strategic way to make connections and break into any industry. From utilizing messaging features on various social media platforms to building a personal brand, young professionals are finding ways to open doors that may otherwise seem closed. Here are three effective ways to maximize social media and create new connections:

1. Strategically use Direct Messaging (DMs): Jess Druey, the Founder and Co-Owner of Whiny Baby, a newcomer Zillenial AI-driven education software development platform, was able to establish a partnership with McBride Sisters Wine Company, the most notable Black-owned and women-founded wine company in the US, through persistent direct messaging on social media. When using social media to broker partnerships, Druey advises young professionals to be persistent and shameless, leaving no room for embarrassment. According to Druey, hustling pays off, and people respect determination.

2. Be active on LinkedIn: Even though LinkedIn, the professional networking app, is twenty years old, it is gaining popularity among mid-range Gen Zers aged 18-24, according to Statista's latest statistics. Kerry Ao, an 18-year-old CEO of the AI-driven education software platform, Intertwined Finance, uses LinkedIn to validate his credibility by maintaining an active profile of his interests and professional development. Having a strong LinkedIn presence helps him build rapport and trust with potential mentors, partners, and customers, leading to increased engagement, video calls, chats, and growth for his company and personal development.

3. Use Social Media as a bridge to create an in-person community: Social media platforms are useful tools to build communities for like-minded people, just like Mariah Oliver, the founder of Boss Babe Network (BBN), has done. Oliver created BBN, a community of women-owned businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide, via social media. Using consistent posts with event registration links amplifies members' businesses and highlights upcoming events. Oliver believes that it is essential to go beyond online activity and get involved in the community to draw more people to in-person events, showing them that you practice what you preach in person. 

Thus, while technology is advancing, young adults belonging to Gen Z and Millennial cohorts still rely on the strategic hustle and genuine connections through social media to progress in their careers. 

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