A lonely tech worker's post about being 'a lot happier' after returning to the office sparked a debate around if that's only for people without kids or a hard commute

 The push to return to in-person work has sparked debates on Blind about which workers would be benefitted or be inconvenienced by such a move.

 One anonymous tech worker at a startup shared on Blind that going back to the office "changed my life." Despite being a shy person, the worker found that talking to new people in the office or simply seeing people every day made them a much happier person.

 However, some commenters pointed out that the return to office push is less ideal for those with young children or a difficult commute. Others noted that working from home during the pandemic was isolating and burnt them out, while some younger workers could improve their careers with more in-person experience.

 Companies and universities have started offering courses to help new hires with the soft skills they missed out on during the pandemic including teaching Gen-Z workers how to send an email, what to wear in the office, and how to make casual chitchat. 

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