The jobs AI won't take yet

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more ubiquitous, experts are warning that many jobs could be lost to automation, suggesting that AI capable of content generation could do a quarter of all work currently done by humans.

 However, there are still certain tasks that AI cannot perform and experts suggest that moving into roles that require distinctly human qualities, such as emotional intelligence and outside-the-box thinking, could help to lessen the chances of being replaced. Jobs that are genuinely creative, require sophisticated interpersonal relationships or involve lots of mobility and dexterity in unpredictable environments are all thought to be relatively insulated in the foreseeable future.

 However, most jobs, regardless of industry, will have aspects that are likely to be automated by technology, meaning that tasks will change and human jobs will become more focused on interpersonal skills. Seeking roles that include unpredictable tasks is a good way to stave off job loss to AI, but it's important to note that an advanced education or high-paying position is not a defense against AI takeover.

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