A millennial who tests out side hustles explains what actually makes money quickly and which ones you should skip

 Ryan is a millennial who works a full-time job and has two kids. He spends a few nights a week, weekends, and some lunch breaks trying out various side hustles. Using his handle @sidehustlereview on TikTok, Ryan shares what he learns with his 100,000 followers, including what makes money and the time involved. If you're overwhelmed by the options for side hustles, Ryan can help you sort through the noise. He became interested in side hustles when his new home needed some repairs, and he wanted to earn some extra income. However, he found that it was unclear how much he could make or how long it would take to reach the numbers he saw online. Therefore, he decided to document his experience and become a resource for others. 

Ryan defines a side hustle as "something that you can do outside of working hours with flexibility." He thinks the goal is to spend minimal effort and a few hours while earning high revenue. While Ryan has made some money with user-generated content (UGC), he is also interested in affiliate marketing, hauling junk, and being a virtual assistant. He advises focusing your content on a niche that you are passionate about if you're interested in affiliate marketing. However, he recommends skipping side hustles like sharing photos on ClickaSnap and voice-over work since they may not be worth your time. 

Ryan has amassed over 100,000 followers by sharing his experience on various side hustles. He believes that a side hustle might not always be right for everyone, but there are other ways to boost the money you make outside of side hustles. You can focus on personal budget management, cut expenses, ask for a raise, or find a job that pays more.

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