The Easiest Way to Earn $1000/Month From Your Side Hustle


My side hustle journey began in September 2020 when I learned about the possibility of making a good living online. Salaries in India are lower due to the lower cost of living, so I was excited by the prospect of earning more. By November, I had landed my first freelance gig, earning $130 for two hours of work. I decided to take this seriously and began to diversify my gigs in order to make more money. This included ebook ghostwriting, copywriting, social media ghostwriting, and writing blog posts. 

By February 2021, I was making over $1500 per month from my side hustle. Eventually, I quit my day job in July 2021 and became a freelancer, and by December 2021, I had become a solopreneur.

One piece of advice I have for those starting out is to diversify your gigs to understand what you want, play with your skills, negotiate, and meet new people. Another option for earning passive income is through affiliate links, where you earn a commission for recommending products or services. This is a great way to earn money while you sleep, and you don't even have to actively sell anything. You can start by using affiliate links for products you have tried and believe in, and by joining partner programs for the services you use. Additionally, many instructors are happy to make you an affiliate for their courses, allowing you to earn a percentage of the revenue.

Here's a foolproof strategy to earn a minimum of $1000 while still keeping your full-time job. The key is to consistently showcase your work and progress publicly. Don't be deterred by rejection when applying for freelancing opportunities. Keep pushing yourself and with one successful experience, your confidence and motivation will only increase. With continued effort and dedication, you could become a renowned freelancer, consultant, or solopreneur in the future. Ultimately, only time will tell!

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