The 10 best jobs for new college graduates and their average starting salaries

 The job market for college graduates this year is different from previous years, with new economic circumstances and uncertainties. 

To assist job seekers, the job search engine Indeed compiled a list of positions that require little or no experience, but often demand a bachelor's degree, and offer an average starting salary of over $40,000. T

he list includes jobs with high growth rates in the current labor market, as determined by the year-over-year share of postings statistics from September to February. 

Topping the list is the position of outside sales representative, followed by transportation coordinator, quality auditor, accounting coordinator, and tax preparer. Other desirable positions include network operations technician, retention specialist, loan processor, mental health case manager, and speech-language pathologist.

 According to Kristen Shah, a career expert at Indeed, researching the available opportunities early on and determining the best match based on educational credentials is crucial for new entrants into the job market.

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