Here are the top 25 companies to work for in India, according to LinkedIn — and most of them are not in tech

 LinkedIn has released its annual list of top companies in India to work for and “a vast majority” of them are in either financial services or banking. 

According to the professional networking platform, 10 out of 25 companies are from that space this year — a shift from last year’s list which was dominated by tech companies. 

 “In India, the accounting and financial services sector witnessed significant growth during the pandemic,” said Pooja Chhabria, LinkedIn career expert and head of editorial for APAC.

“This trend has continued to see an uptick thanks to factors like a relatively healthy economy, a burgeoning startup landscape, and a young digitally-forward population.” 

India’s “LinkedIn Top Companies 2023″ list also saw 17 companies making their debut — an indication of “strong momentum” in the country’s business ecosystem, Chhabria said.

One such company is Zepto, which was also part of the “LinkedIn Top Startups list” last year — a testament to its “significant scale and growth,” LinkedIn added.

Two 19-year-olds dropped out of Stanford to build India's next tech unicorn
Two 19-year-olds dropped out of Stanford to build India’s next tech unicorn

Companies from esports and gaming, such as Dream11 and Games24x7, also made it to the list for the first time. 

″[This] is reflective of the growing popularity of gaming in India and the presence of this sector,” Chhabria added. 

LinkedIn said it drew on in-house data collected between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2022, measuring companies based on eight factors that lead to career progression: 

  • Ability to advance
  • Skills growth
  • Company stability
  • External opportunity
  • Company affinity
  • Gender diversity
  • Educational background
  • Employee presence in the country

To be eligible, companies must also have had at least 500 employees in India as of Dec. 31. Layoffs and attrition rates each had to be 10% or less during the data collection period.

LinkedIn said the rankings give working professionals at all levels “actionable insights and resources,” such as skills and roles the companies are hiring for.

Here’s the full list of India’s Top Companies 2023 

25. Teachmint — e-learning

24. Games24x7 — technology, information and internet

23. Verint — IT services and consulting

22. Goldman Sachs — financial services

21. Synchrony — financial services

20. Dream11 — technology, information, and media

They launched a fantasy sports company at 22. It's now worth $8 billion
They launched a fantasy sports company at 22. It’s now worth $8 billion

19. JPMorgan Chase & Co. — financial services

18. EY — professional services

17. Expedia Group — technology, information, and internet

16. Zepto — technology, information, and internet

15. ICICI Bank — banking

14. Yubi — financial services

13. Mastercard — financial services

12. HDFC Bank — banking

11. Vitesco Technologies — motor vehicle manufacturing

10. Royal Caribbean Group — travel arrangements

9. Viatris — pharmaceutical manufacturing

8. Schneider Electric — appliances, electrical and electronics manufacturing

7. NAV Fund Administration Group — financial services

6. ​​Deloitte — business consulting and services

5. Macquarie Group

Industry: Financial services

Full-time headcount: 1,900+

Most notable skills: Tax accounting, auditing, financial accounting

Most common job titles: Finance Executive

Making its debut in this list is Macquarie, a global financial services group that provides solutions for operations like asset management, retail and business banking, wealth management, and market access.

4. Reliance Industries Limited

Industry: Oil and gas

Full-time headcount: 102,700+

Most notable skills: Chemical processing, retail, telecommunications

Most common job titles: General manager, salesperson, sales manager

Reliance Industries Limited is a homegrown conglomerate that jumped 11 spots from last year’s list. It operates across diverse industries globally including energy, petrochemicals, natural gas, retail, telecommunications, mass media, digital streaming, and textiles. 

3. Morgan Stanley

Industry: Financial services

Full-time headcount: 12,900+

Most notable skills: Capital markets, investment banking, economics, investor relations

Most common job titles: Information technology analyst, business operations analyst, financial analyst

New to this year’s list is investment banking and financial services multinational company Morgan Stanley. Its business activities include wealth management, sales and trading, investment management, and sustainable investing. 

2. Amazon 

Industry: Technology, information and internet

Full-time headcount: 100,000+

Most notable skills: Artificial intelligence, operational efficiency, linguistics

Most common job titles: Software engineer, program manager, data analyst, fraud investigator

Climbing nine spots in this year’s list is Amazonwhich offers digital payment services, content streaming, logistics, and last-mile delivery in India. Amazon also came out on top as the No. 1 company to work for in the U.S., according to LinkedIn.

1. Tata Consultancy Services

Industry: IT services and consulting

Full-time headcount: 590,000+

Most notable skills: Software development life cycle, data storage technologies, software testing

Most common job titles: System engineer, information technology analyst, software engineer 

We're not looking at any job cuts, says Tata Consultancy Services
We’re not looking at any job cuts, says Tata Consultancy Services

Maintaining its first-place ranking in 2023 is Tata Consultancy Services, an IT services company that offers consulting and business solutions to various industries. These solutions include cloud, data analytics, IoT digital engineering, and cybersecurity. The company told CNBC recently that it has hired about 100,000 “freshers” in the last year, despite the hiring freezes and layoffs rippling through the tech industry. 

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