A worker quitting a 6-figure job so she won't have to return to the office full time says she's a victim of her bosses' productivity paranoia: 'I don't need to be in an office to do my work'


Felicia has decided to leave her job instead of returning to the office five days a week. Despite being offered a six-figure salary, she believes that she doesn't need to be physically present in the office to do her job. 

Felicia was previously working remotely for three days and in the office for two, which she found to be the perfect balance between work and her personal life. However, now that her company has mandated a full return to the office, Felicia has chosen to leave, citing the distractions and interruptions she experiences in person. 

She realized that the water-cooler gossip and traffic were not worth the stress and frustration, and has decided to seek positions that offer hybrid options, even if it means taking a lower salary. Felicia believes that more rigid return-to-office mandates could potentially lead to a decrease in productivity and an exodus of employees who prefer a hybrid or remote work option.

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