Big Law firm draws ire for leaked list of 'non-negotiable expectations' for associates — including being online 24/7 'no exceptions, no excuses'

 A leaked internal presentation created and delivered by an associate to junior colleagues at the law firm Paul Hastings has sparked controversy over the "non-negotiable expectations" placed on junior associates. 

The demands, which include being available online 24/7 and comparing associates to waiters or concierges who cater to clients every need, have been viewed by some as unrealistic and exploitative. 

Others argue that such demands are standard within the industry and should not come as a surprise to those entering the profession. The slide has shed light on the wider discourse on burnout among lawyers, with studies showing growing discontent and mental health challenges in the field. The pandemic has exacerbated these challenges, with employees reporting a lack of work-life balance and a grueling work environment.

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