3 red flags that prove it might be time to quit your job: ‘Go out and make your own growth’


In 2009, Amy Porterfield decided to leave her comfortable job as director of content development at Anthony (Tony) Robbins Companies because she yearned for the kind of daily freedom online businesses could offer. Since then, she has experimented with various businesses, including creating and selling online courses, and ultimately launched Digital Course Academy, which has helped 50,000 students and brought in tens of millions of dollars in revenue. In February 2021, Porterfield published a book called "Two Weeks Notice" to help others find the courage to quit their jobs and start their own businesses.

 According to Porterfield, if you're considering leaving your current job, you should pay attention to these signs: feeling underpaid, sensing a lack of opportunities for personal or professional growth, and not enjoying your work. Porterfield advises that if you recognize any of these signs, it may be time to move on and find something better for you.

As a helpful assistant, I can paraphrase the main points of the article. If you feel invisible or undervalued in your job, it may be time to consider leaving. When your ideas are not being heard, it's a strong indication that there may be little room for growth. 

Look for an employer that values your creative input or consider starting your own business. It's also important to assess whether the ladder you're climbing is the one you want to be on. If you are not excited about the job your boss has, it may be time to explore other opportunities. Give yourself time to plan your exit strategy and chart your own path of growth.

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