Has anyone here successfully negotiated a big raise with a CURRENT employer?


I'm a year into my first dev job with a company that I love working for. My team and my manager are great, with good WLB, good company culture, etc. There is only one problem. The pay is not so hot.

I accepted their offer just to get my feet through the door intending to leave a year later. But now that it's going so well, I don't wanna leave.

I talked to my manager about it, and she's been very supportive. We're a small company, so she has to go through the CTO to get approval, and she said I'm gonna have to make a case for what I'm asking for.

I'm asking for a 40% raise, which may sound like a lot, but it really isn't, considering how little I make now. I was told to be ready to negotiate and make a case for why I'm asking for this much.

Has anyone gone through anything like that? Any advice?


Fair warning: there's a good chance they'll call your bluff so make sure the offer you're using is one you'll actually accept.

I was in the same situation as OP. Had a job I really liked with the best team I've worked with in my career at the time, but subpar pay. I got an outside offer, went to my manager, and they said no. So I left. Then I saw on levels.fyi a couple weeks later that they filled my role at a higher salary than what I had asked for.

Depends. HR and senior leadership know the game that everyone is underpaid, and getting the match for threatening to leave is the only way to get higher. if your raise now puts you at market rate, it probably won't be a problem. on the other hand, if you held a critical project hostage while asking for the raise, then it's a wake-up call that they need the plan to avoid tanking the project when a single person leaves.

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